Thursday, December 6, 2018

Wedding Present from the Bride's Aunt!

Elaine sent her neice's bridal bouquet to Pressed Garden to be preserved, 
as a wedding gift!
Roses, Dahlias, Hydrangea, Alstilbe, Dusty Miller, Eucalyptus! 

Bouquet Design by: A Relative

These gorgeous flowers were pressed and presented on a Barely Pink background and in a 12x16" Barnwood frame!  The little hearts were cut out of a Rose Petal! 
A little close up!
Thank you, Elaine, for trusting me with your niece's gorgeous bridal bouquet! 

All Floral Preservation Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Wedding Present for a Special Sister!

Kara sent her sister's lovely bridal bouquet from Maryland to 
Pressed Garden for preservation!

Luscious shades of Peachy Roses, Dahlias, Garden Roses, 
Blue Tweedia and Blue Thistle, Hypericum Berries and 
lots of Lacy Dusty Miller and Eucalyptus.

Floral Design by: Little House of Flowers, Stevensville, MD

She chose to have the wedding flowers mounted on a 
Tuscany Blue background and in an
11x14" barnwood frame!

She also chose to have an engraved brass plate added to the art 
with the couples names and wedding date!

She received it and LOVES it so much.  Such a great gift.  
You are so talented! 
~ Kara, Sister of the Bride
 Kara, It was truly my pleasure and I am thrilled not only that she loved it, 
but that she was surprised!
~Annie, Pressed Garden 
All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Roses, Roses, Roses!

I am not sure what the occasion was, but this customer sent two magnificent
Rose Bouquets for preservation.

They were both shipped to Pressed Garden 
from New York City!

Here is the first bouquet!
 32 Orange Roses, Mojito Hydrangea and Podocarpus Leaves!

 Aisha chose to have her roses mounted on a Walnut Brown background 
and in an 8x10" Walnut Frame.
 19 Pinkish-Lavender Roses, 25 White Roses, and unseen, beneath the bouquet 
there were Lily Grass Blades!

These roses were presented on a black background, in an 8x10" black frame!

Thank you, Aisha, for trusting me to preserve your beautiful roses!
~Annie, Pressed Garden 
All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Monday, October 29, 2018

Megan's Lush, Romantic Bridal Bouquet ~*

Megan's Lush Bouquet of All White Flowers: 3 types of Roses, Veronica, Ranunculus and Lisianthus.  The leaves were two types of Eucalyptus.

Floral Designer: Corwin Florist, Warwick, NY

 Megan's bouquet fit really nicely into this 12x16" barnwood frame.  
The background is Dawn Gray.

IMy flowers arrived and they look BEAUTIFUL!  
Thank you so much and for sending the extra flowers! ~ Megan, Bride

(The "Extra Flowers" she is talking about are the left over pressed petals and the potpourri that I make from unpressed plant material at no extra charge!)

Megan, It was my pleasure to preserve your beautiful bouquet! 
~Annie, Pressed Garden

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Kayla's Lush, Romantic Bouquet ~*

Kayla's Wedding Day - Lush, Romantic Bouquet of Garden Roses, Lisianthus, Astilbe, Blue Delphinium, Ranunculus, Sea Holly, Bush Roses, and Eucalyptus!

Floral Design by: Platinum Petals, Dallas, TX

Kayla's Gorgeous Bouquet is now an heirloom forever! 
Background: Tuscany Blue, Frame: 12x16" Barnwood

Oh Annie! I meant to send you a thank you so long ago! It’s absolutely perfect and I love it so much!!! It’s such a beautiful way to remember that special day. You are truly amazing and I’m so thankful to have found you!
~Kayla, Bride 

Thank you again!!!
I loved preserving this lush bouquet! Thank you, Kayla, for trusting me with your gorgeous flowers! Annie, Pressed Garden

All Floral Preservation Art is by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden LLC, Winter Haven, Florida

Kate's Beautiful White Bridal Bouquet

Kate's Crisp White Bridal Bouquet of Bush Roses, Peony, Sweet William, Hydrangea, Anemone, Green Helabore, Privett Berries, Dusty Miller and Rosemary

Bouquet Design by: Millita of Vanda Floral, Colorado Springs, CO 

The Lapis Blue background really makes this bouquet POP!  I love adding little touches like the Hydrangea butterfly and heart shaped petals that came from the Bush Roses. 
The frame is an 8x10" Barnwood.

My flowers arrived safe and sound yesterday. They are absolutely perfect! 
Thank you much! They are already hung on our wall! Thank you again, Kate

My Pleasure, Kate! ~ Annie, Pressed Garden  

All Pressed Flower Art by Annie Smith of Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Caitlin's Bridal Bouquet with Lace from Mothers Dress!

This is the art of Steven Famino. Isn't is delicate and beautiful?
The bride's mother had her bouquet preserved many years ago
and look at how great it looks!

Caitlin carried this sweet bouquet of Garden Roses in white and also blush, 
Lisianthus, Ivy, Eucalyptus and Bottle Brush. 

Floral Design by:Just For You Floral, Alexandria, VA

This beautiful stem treatment is made from the wedding dress of the Mother of the Bride.
I worked bits of it into the bouquet art!
The flowers are presented on a Barely Pink Background and in an 11x14" gold frame!

 It turned out really beautiful, thank you so much! ~ Caitlin, Bride

I am so happy that you liked it! Annie, Pressed Garden