Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My name is Annie Fentz!

One look around my home would tell you that my greatest passion is flowers. I've been studying flowers, growing them, playing with them and crafting with them, my entire life! I always found flowers to be such a beautiful display of God's glory. It would seem fitting then, that I would fall in love with the art of pressing and preserving flowers.

Pressed Garden was born in 2005 and since that time, I have had the privilege of preserving beautiful bridal bouquets and memorial flowers from the most wonderful people all over the United States! Thank you to all my customers and the floral shops that have recommended me, for trusting me with your most treasured flowers and for allowing me to turn them into cherished heirlooms! Thank you to my mentor, Cellestine, whose book, "Glorious Pressed Flower Projects" inspired me, and to the many fellow Pressed Flower Artists at the World Wide Pressed Flower Guild and around the world that have poured insight, creativity and encouragement into me. My hope is to give back all that the Lord has blessed me with!!! 


  1. Sarah says that your blog is already pretty.

    Denise (Sarah's mom)

  2. Hi Denise and Sara! Please tell Sara that she inspires me!

    Bless you guys!
    Annie ~*

  3. Hi Annie,
    it's so good to see your cheerful face again. I have missed seeing you the last 2 conferences.
    Hope you can make it to TN in June.

  4. Oh, Ulrike...I miss you too!!! I was at the last conference in CA....sure was looking forward to seeing you! I have been so busy and out of the loop...what is happening in June in TN? Where can I get info?


  5. Hola Annie:
    My name is Patricia Sánchez, from Puebla, México. I love pressed flower but I am just trying to work on it. Your art is beautiful and thank you for inspiring me.