Monday, December 14, 2009

White Roses, Berries, Green Hydrangea and Sea Holly!

Amy, from Ohio, had a very beautiful, classy Bridal Bouquet and I loved preserving it!


  1. Hydrangea everywhere! Love it - one of my favorites! I had plans to move one of mine that has never bloomed - too little sun, but after planting bulbs, moving day lilies, moving hostas & scilla, I just ran out of time! Now there's 4 inches of snow on the ground - in NC - in December - BEFORE Christmas! MOST unusual! So much for late season gardening...

    Lovely, as usual, Annie!

  2. Susannah....good to see you again! Ya, if a hydrangea won't bloom, it is a good idea to move it...snow in NC??? Wow, that IS unusual.

    Thank you for your sweet words of encouragement!

  3. Yes, LOTS of snow! We'll be having a white Christmas - even if it's left over from last week! Merry Christmas, Annie!

  4. OH MY WORD...Annie. I've never seen such beauty. I've never seen such a work of art. I had no idea there was a business for this. You are talented for sure. The way you coordinated the flower colors with the matting and frames. From picture these flowers look so good they look three-dimensial. I love how you even have the ribbons flowing down as in a bouquet.

    Just awesome...awesome...awesome.

    Do the flowers need to still be fresh and "alive" or do you dry them...wait...they have to be fresh. If you press dried flowers they'd turn into flower mulch. haha. Don't you love how I stop midsentence in my revelations...both here and also on Lid's fb page.

    My email is if you want to converse further about treadmills. Or we can send messages via fb. How soon do you think you'll take the plunge and buy one? I cannot wait to walk EVERY day starting at 30 min and working up to 45 on average...and jogging. I've heard that the ProForm 580 workout settings are "tough" or challenging...that's good. I want to be pushed.

  5. Wow, Paula, thank you for your kind and encouraging comments! Yes, the flowers have to be fresh, 0-5 days is best. Many of my customers ship them to me from all over the country, overnight express.

    I work with the bride to choose colors, and style (photo or invite or ribbon, etc) When I am finished with the art, I vacuum seal them and they become heirlooms. I love doing this!

    Keep me in mind when you get married!!!
    Annie ~*

  6. So beautiful Annie. I love your work... it will live on forever!

  7. I like the picture better than the real thing Annie . You are a wonderful Artist .