Saturday, January 26, 2013

Butterfly Memorial ~*

This Pressed Flower Butterfly Was Made to Honor
the Memory and Life of a Sweet Little Infant Girl

The Pressed Flower Art is made up of several types of 
 Pink, White, and Red Roses, Rose Buds 
and Baby's Breath that were collected 
from the flowers at the memorial service. 

*~ A Little Closer View of the Pressed Flowers ~*

The body of the butterfly is made from a decorative grass
and the antennae are made from the pins of a Pincoushion Protea. 

*~ Heart-Shaped Beveled Glass Ornament ~*

Often, hidden down deep in a rose is one petal 
that is shaped like a heart! 
Butterflies were released at the memorial service.
There is alot of hidden symbolism in this ornament.
(The butterflies are made from left over rose petals)

All Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, Austin, Texas

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