Thursday, January 23, 2014

Morgan's Beautiful Yellow and Gray Bridal Bouquet

Beautiful Yellow and Gray Bridal Bouquet
This beautiful yellow and gray bouquet is the floral design
 of Mobtown Florals of Baltimore, MD

This bouquet has chili peppers in it!  I didn't know that's what they were at first, 
until my face lips, fingers and fingernails began burning!  
Haha!  Was I surprised! 

White and yellow roses, Lizianthus, Silver Artemesia, 
Sea Holly, Billy Balls, Ranunculous, Pin Cushion Protea and a little Hydrangea!
Morgan chose to have her bouquet pressed and preserved 
around her Wedding Invitation!  Everything is
mounted on a light gray background and framed in an
11x14 silver frame!

Close up ~
Thank you, Morgan, for trusting Pressed Garden with your beautiful flowers!
All flowers pressed and preserved by Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden LLC ~ Austin, TX

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