Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Memory-Filled Christmas Ornaments!

 Potpourri made from the left over petals from my wedding 
were used to create these pretty ornaments!

This one is from flowers from my wedding! 

To make potpourri, just lay your petals out on paper until they are dry.
Turning them now and then is helpful.

Purchase empty glass ornaments at the craft store.
Pull the little top out and gently push your potpourri into the ball.
Then replace the top!  A chopstick helps!
Look around, you'll find all kinds of things to add, like lace, 
ribbon, burlap, fabric, glitter.  One bride cut her
left over invitations into strips and added those!

Below is an ornament filled with the rhinestones that
decorated the tables at my wedding reception!

 The ribbon was also left over from my wedding reception. 
(It had been tied around the silverware)

 Here are a few ornaments I made recently!

Ornaments made by Annie Fentz - Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

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