Sunday, September 27, 2015

Vows and Roses ~

Dara and Ben are good friends and it was such a pleasure
to preserve their wedding flowers!

 They got married on a beautiful warm Texas Day
at a beautiful white mansion.  She carried a 
sweet, simple Red Rose Bouquet.

Floral Design by: Jennifer at Art House, Austin, TX

 Red Roses from the Bridal Bouquet.
Red Rose Heart Petals found hidden in the Bridal Bouquet.
White Lilies from Bridesmaids Bouquets.
Hydrangea from the Reception Tables.
Live Oak Leaves from the tree they married under. 

Dara's Flowers are Pressed, Preserved and Arranged 
around their Wedding Vows!

The Floral Preservation Art is mounted on an ivory background
and framed in an 11x14" gold oval frame.

Dara's Bridal Bouquet, Pressed and Preserved
on an Ivory Background and in an
11x14" Gold Oval Frame

"They are even more "breathing" in person. 
I would recommend every bride get this done. 
It's a beautiful reminder of our special day and heirloom for the generations to come. 
Thank you, Annie!" 
Dara, Bride 

Oh, my dear friend, it was my pleasure! ~ Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX 

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