Monday, January 9, 2017

Grace's Lush, Romantic Bridal Bouquet ~

Grace's bouquet was really special, as it was designed and
created by her uncle, my friend, J Schwanke, of uBloom!

Lush Gardenias, Roses, Double Lilies, Succulents, Trick Carnations,
Freesia, Eucalyptus and lots of Ferns and other Greens!

Grace chose to have her flowers pressed and presented on a
Royal Orchid background an in a 12x16" walnut frame.

A little closer view!

I absolutely love the arrangement! I was amazed and already up it up! 
~Grace, Bride
It was such a pleasure to preserve your gorgeous bridal bouquet, Grace!
~Annie, Pressed Garden
All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX


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  2. Thank you so much, Isabel! Annie, Pressed Garden