Monday, July 3, 2017

I love you forever...

Sometimes the stories of my customers really move me...

Marissa and her mom brought these roses to me for preservation.
When her dad was really sick, he went to the flower shop and 
ordered a dozen roses to be delivered to his daughter each month
after his death, for one year.  This was the last bouquet.
 Marissa wanted a butterfly made from her roses and a few rose buds
fashioned to decorate her dad's card at the bottom
The flowers are mounted on a clear blue background and in
an 11x14" barnwood frame.
I'd be lying, if I said that this order didn't make me cry.  It did.
What a loving gesture!
A heart-shaped beveled glass ornament was made from left over petals.
Thank you, Marissa, for the pleasure of preserving your flowers.
Sometimes flowers are worth more than the cost of them.
Sometimes they just need to last forever. ~Annie


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