Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Rose Petal Polka-Dot Candle!

This is a simple craft that is fun, easy and quick!
Polka-dot Flameless LED Candle!


As you know, I preserve bridal, funeral and special occasion flowers.
There are always left over petals and I send them all back.
This is something you can do with left over rose petals!

Materials Needed:
Flamless LED Candle any size. (DO NOT use regular candles for this craft)
Pressed Rose Petals or Fresh Roses
(One Rose will provide many petals, so you only need one, unless you want multiple colors)
Glue or Double-sided Tape, Coins
Fresh Rose, Book and Copy Paper (if you are pressing fresh roses)

You can also press your own rose petals. 
(Keep in mind that they often change color while drying)
The roses pictured are yellow and red roses. 

Simply take the rose apart, placing the best petals between 2 pieces of copy paper and place in a book.
 (Do not use a book with glossy pages)  
You do not want the petals to touch each other.  
Close the book up and place some pressure on the book, such as other books, a brick, etc.  Your petals should be dry in about 2-4 weeks. 

When the rose petals are completely dry, take coins and 
trace around them onto the petals and simply cut out the circles!

Then, using a small amount of glue, or  double sided tape, attach the dots onto the candle!
Let the glue dry, and then you are DONE!! 

 TA-DA!!!!  You did it!!!  And I knew you could!!!

Another option is to cut shapes out of the petals with a hole punch,
 like hearts, butterflies, etc and decorated your candle with those also! 

I would love to see pictures of your candles!!!
Email them to me at: pressedgarden@gmail.com
I will post them on social media!  

That was fun!!! ~ Annie, Pressed Garden 

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