Sunday, June 2, 2013

Tribute to a Very Special Mom ~*

This Pressed Flower Art was made from flowers 
gathered at a Mother's Memorial Service

Red Roses, Lavender and Pink Larkspur
Daisies, Ivy and a Bit of Kalanchoe

On the left is a beautiful letter written to the Mother.
(It has been blurred to protect privacy)
In the top right corner (hidden) is the loved-one's photograph.
In the bottom corner, a personal sentiment is 
engraved on a brass tag.
This art is 12x16. 

Butterfly Made From Larkspur Petals
Mom Loved Butterflies
Hummingbird hovers over Rose Buds and Larkspur
What a pleasure it was to honor this very special Mom with a 
fitting tribute of flowers and other mementos.

 Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden ~ Austin, TX

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