Friday, August 7, 2015

Our Wedding Vows ~

When David and I got married a year ago, 
we wrote our own vows, praying over them
so they would be just right. 

We were serious about the things we promised each other.
It occurred to us that perhaps, we should keep them before us!
I mean, if we made those promises, we should probably review them once in a while!

So, I typed them out and decorated them with some of the flowers 
from my bridal bouquet that I had pressed, 
as well as a few other favorite flowers! 
I framed it in an 8x10" black frame.

Purple Anemone, Larkspur, Daisies, Queen Anne's Lace,
Bougainvillea, Lilac, Grape Hyacinth and Forget Me Nots, 
pressed and dancing around our vows! 
All Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC ~ Austin, TX 

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