Wednesday, August 12, 2015

This was a really fun bouquet to preserve.
The groom called me about a week before the wedding,
looking for a unique gift for his bride on their wedding day.
I put together a gift card for him, filled with little pressed flowers,
to make it fun when the bride opened the card!

This is Parisa and Jeremy's Wedding Day!
Her bouquet was a beautiful mix of David Austin Roses,
Bush Roses, 4 Types of Ranunculus, Hydrangea, Carnation,
Grevillea, Boronia, Baby's Breath and Eucalyptus Leaves, Painted Gold!

Bridal Bouquet Design by: Visual Lyrics Floral Artistry of Cedar Park, TX

Parisa's flowers are pressed and mounted on a black background,
and in a 16x20" gold frame.
Closer view of Pressed Flower Art!
 One word: BREATHTAKING. I finally saw your incredibly beautiful artwork yesterday and, WOW. 

Annie, you have such a unique and rare talent. I'm behind blessed that Jeremy found you and reached out. My bouquet is unbelievable and looks perfect on the black matte and in the gold frame. THANK YOU! We are currently remodeling our 1st floor and cannot wait to add it on a very perfect space on our wall. 

We sincerely cannot thank you enough. I can guarantee any friends/family/self will be reaching out to you in the very near future. 

I love, love this beautiful piece of artwork. We have posted all over our social media and linked into your website. 

Thanks so much, Annie. Keep up the beautiful work! ~ Parisa and Jeremy

Thank you, Parisa and Jeremy, for letting me be part of your story!
It was a pleasure preserving your bridal bouquet!
~ Annie, Pressed Garden

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

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  1. I like pressed flowers DIY. I was starting pressed flowers and leaves about 25 yuears ago.
    Now, i work decoupage, quilling and somethin else, but, my first love is pressed flowers, and I make somethings and pressed new flowers.