Friday, July 26, 2013

Erin's Breathtaking Bridal Bouquet ~

This was without a doubt, one of the most spectacular bouquets 
I have ever preserved...

 This Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet is the Floral Art of Sandy Ramirez 
of Whim Studio at Camp Lucy in Dripping Springs, TX. 
Credit for the photograph: The Mill Photograph Studio, Austin, TX

There were over 50 Roses and Rose Buds in This Bouquet!
Note the tiny hearts!
 Hidden down inside many roses is a petal shaped like a heart!  
I like to include these whenever I can! 

A few Close Ups!

The greens in the cascade of the bouquet were shortened just a bit, 
to fit into the 12x16 inch mahogany frame.
Erin chose to have 3 of her rose petals
preserved into pendants! 
I enjoyed preserving every single petal of this bouquet!

Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden ~ Austin, Texas

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pressed Flower Memorial ~ Wildflowers!

Sunflowers, Texas Bluebonnets
Queen Anne's Lace and Daisies
Make up this Pressed Flower Memorial

Tribute Poem on the Left
Photograph in the top corner.
Engraved tag in the bottom corner.

The Country Barnwood Frame Is the Finishing Touch 
on This Pressed Flower Art of Wildflowers! 

Pendants Made From a Daisey and a Texas Bluebonnet!

 Texas Bluebonnet Florets Make Cute Butterflies!

 Up Close Look at the Flowers!

Pressed Flower Art ~ Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden ~ Austin, TX