Sunday, October 6, 2019

Chelsea's Beautiful Tropical Bridal Bouquet ~

When Chelsea walked in with her stunning Tropical Bridal Bouquet, 
I caught my breath.
First of all, because it was simply gorgeous; 
Secondly, because I knew this day was coming.
I now live in Florida and it was just a matter of time 
before I would face tropical flowers and I had almost no experience.  
Nevertheless, Chelsea was unfazed by that and even told me not
to worry and just take as much creative license as I needed!
She and her groom dropped off this amazing bouquet of King Protea, 
2 types of Gingers, Peachy Roses, Tropical Leaves 
and even a tiny Pineapple. 

I was also given the grooms Lei of Ti Leaves and White Dendrobium Orchids.  
It was a playground of challenge and fun for me!!! 

She also left me with a bunch of extra flowers like Bird of Paradise,
 Leucodendum, Antherium and Pin Cushion Protea.

Chelsea's Floral Designer was: Fancy Free Nursery, Tampa, FL

And this is what I created! I worked all the components into one huge piece of art.
And honestly, I love it so much, I want to make one for myself!
Background: Neutral Gray
Frame: 16x20" Walnut

 A friend of mine said, "Annie, This looks like JOY!"

"We opened it last night and it is absolutely stunning. It turned out so beautiful, thank you so much for putting so much love and care into it. We’re both so happy and so excited to have it, now we just have to decide where to hang it! ~Chelsea, Florida Bride

Chelsea, Thank you so much, for trusting me with such an elaborate, 
gorgeous bouquet to play with...I seriously had a blast!!! 
~Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL