Friday, December 6, 2013

Dekrisha's Surprise!

Instead of tossing her bridal bouquet, Dekrisha gave it
as a gift to the guest who had traveled the furthest
to come to her wedding, Dubai.

Her guest was so moved by the gift, that she wanted to have it preserved 
and returned to the bride as a surprise!  
She found me online and brought the bouquet to my studio.
She chose to have Dekrisha's bouquet pressed and preserved,
then mounted on a light green background and framed in barnwood!

When the art was completed, the bride and groom were told
to come to my studio, but did not know why.
Imagine Dekrisha's surprise when she realized that the bridal bouquet
she had given as a gift, had been preserved and returned
to HER as a gift!

Here is a closer look at the bridal bouquet of White Tulips,
Ranunculous, Orchids, Stephanotis, Hydrangea, Lilly of the Valley,
Light Green Hydrangea and Rosemary Leaves.

She also chose 4 Scrapbook Squares. 
These are small 2" square pieces of artmade from bits of left over flowers
that can be used for scrapbooking or for magnets.

Thank you, Jane! It was delightful to be a part of Dekrisha's surprise!
Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX  

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rachel's Sweet, Soft Bridal Bouquet ~

Floral Design by Linda at Breathtaking Blooms, Austin, TX

Rachel's Beautiful Bouquet included Pink Roses,
White Lizianthus, Ranunculous, Queen Ann's Lace,
Carnations, Freesia and Pink/White Alstromeria.

 All of Rachel's flowers were pressed, preserved,
and arranged around her wedding invitation.
The little pink rose petal hearts in the top corner
were found deep inside the pink roses. 
The flowers were mounted on a navy blue background, 
which picks up the blue in the invitation and provides the perfect backdrop
for the soft, subtle shades in the flowers! 

The art was professionally framed in a bright white 11"x14" frame.

 Here are are a couple of pics that will give you a closer look.
Notice the bits of lace?  They were one piece wrapped around the stems
of the bouquet and came from the wedding dress of the Mother of the Bride!
(I love that)

Balloon-Shaped Beveled Glass Ornament
Made from a Pink Rose, an Alstromeria Blossom
and a bit of Queen Ann's Lace!

 All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Amy's Pretty Blue, Purple and White Bridal Bouquet ~

Pretty Bridal Bouquet of White Gerbera Daisies, Purple Statice,
Lavender Hydrangea and Blue Dyed Orchids!
Floral Design of Robin's Nest Floral and Garden Center, Easton, MD
Amy chose to have her beautiful flowers pressed, preserved,
and arranged around her wedding invitation. It is mounted on a
lavender background and in a walnut frame. 11x14

Closer View!

Pressed Flower Art ~ Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kelsey's Bridal Bouquet ~ Fresh Colors and Textures!

Kelsey's Beautiful Bridal Bouquet
Fresh Colors and Fun Textures!

Bridal Bouquet Design by: Lisa Pritchett, Dandelion's of Muncie, IN
Photograph by R & D Photography

Bridal Bouquet is Preserved on a Black Background in a Black Frame

Close up of Country Roses, Carnations, Hydrangea, Hypericum Berries
Delphinium, Pink and Yellow Stock, Sea Holly and Bill Balls!

Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden LLC, Austin, Texas

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Melanie's Sweet Bridal Roses ~

   Melanie's Bridal Bouquet of Roses, Stephanotis and Silver Artemisia

Floral Design by: A Love's In Bloom, Martinez, CA
Her flowers were pressed and preserved on a
black background and black frame
Sweet light pink and white roses, up close.
Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Simone's Lovely Bridal Bouquet ~

  Simone's Lovely Bridal Bouquet
Rich Orange Roses and White Stephanotis

Flowers by Becky Diaz, Bouquets of Austin, Austin, TX

Simone's gorgeous roses have been pressed and preserved
and arranged exactly as they looked when she
walked down the aisle.
This is an 11x14, mounted on an Ivory background
and framed in a Walnut Frame.
A closer look....

 A second piece of art was made from the Toss Bouquet.
This was a gift for Simone's mom!
Roses, Stephanotis and White Ribbon, up close...
Three Pendant and Earring Sets were made from the best rose petals.
Thank you, Simone, for trusting Pressed Garden
to preserve your beautiful bridal bouquets!
Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, Austin, TX 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Autumn Leaf Jewelry ~

 I recently opened an Etsy Store to give me a creative outlet
for the other things I like to make from Pressed Flowers.
Yes! These Are Real Leaves!
~ Autumn Leaf Jewelry ~

Autumn Pendants Made From Sweet Maple Tree Leaves from Ohio
Pendant Made From a Smoke Bush in Ohio

Pins Made From Various Autumn Leaves 

 Jewelry Made by: Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, Austin, TX   

Rachel's Beautiful White Bridal Bouquet ~

Rachel carried this beautiful bouquet of
Dahlia's, Lizianthus, Stock, Roses, Rosemary, Eucalyptus,
and other interesting plants in her wedding!

Floral Design by: Flowers by David Anthony, Highland Mills, NY

Her bouquet is now pressed, vacuum sealed
and preserved forever as an heirloom!

I love the details! 
The tiny rose petal hearts were found deep inside the roses!

Thank you, Rachel, for trusting me with your beautiful flowers!
Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden LLC, Austin, TX

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stephanie's Beautiful Country Bouquet ~

Gorgeous Bridal Bouquet of Country Roses, Regular Roses, 
Bush Roses, Anemone, Stephanotis, Silver Artemsia Leaves, 
and some of the most beautiful Lizzianthus I've ever seen!

Floral Design by: Sherri Jentsch, Blumen Meisters, New Braunfels, TX
Pressed Garden took each blossom apart, 
pressed them, color enhanced some items, 
then arranged the flowers just as Stephanie carried them.
Stephanie opted for a Country Barnwood Frame for her Bridal Bouquet Art!
Now her bridal bouquet is an heirloom! 

Up close, you can see the amount of detail in the art.
Do you see the hidden hearts?
I found those petals hidden down deep in her roses!


Pressed Flower Art by ~ Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX 

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Memorial Flowers ~ Pressed and Preserved

Flowers gathered from the funeral.
Sunflower, Roses, Statice, Bells of Ireland,
Larkspur and Goldenrod

The flowers were pressed and arranged
around the funeral card, 
which had a photo and scripture. 

Heart-Shaped Beveled Glass Ornament
 Close up of art ~ See the heart?
The heart petal was found down inside one of the roses!
Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, Austin, TX

Monday, September 16, 2013

Missy's Fun, Colorful Country Bridal Bouquet ~

Missy, of Abilene, TX, carried this beautiful bouquet of 
Sunflowers, Gerbera Daisies, Blue Delphinium,
Circus Roses, Goldenrod and Eucalyptus in her wedding!
Floral Art of Greene's Florist, Weatherford, TX

 Now all those colorful, fun flowers have been transformed into an heirloom!

 Do you see the 2 hearts, tucked down inside
the art?  Often, roses have one heart shaped petal down inside.
I love being able to use them!

The barnwood frame is the perfect finishing touch for this
country bouquet!

"I am AMAZED! I had no idea what to expect 
but this blows my doors off! 
Love the hidden hearts. So fun! You are very talented!" ~ Missy 

Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, Texas