Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You Can Do This! Pressed Flower Art Bookmarks!

Every so often, I like to post a Pressed Flower Craft that is easy and fun!

Pressed Flower Art Bookmarks!
You will need: Pretty Scrapbook Paper, Very FLAT Pressed Flowers or Petals,
Glue, Ribbon, Hole Punch
If you don't have the following items, a local office supply store can do this for you:
Laminator, Laminator Sheets (3-5 mil), Paper Cutter

You might want a sentiment or other information printed on the back. If so, do this first. I use these bookmarks for promotion for my business, so my contact info is on the back.

Mark off your boundaries with tiny pencil marks, or lines if that helps to keep your flowers within the boundaries of the bookmark.  Line up your flowers and glue them down with very tiny dots of glue. The lamination will hold them in place permanently.  Erase the tiny pencil marks.
  Be sure and sign your art!

 Now it is time to laminate! Make sure the glue is dry, first.
 If you do not have a Laminating Machine, a local office supply store can do this for a small price.  I sometimes run it through twice.

Now it is time to cut them.  Again, if you do not have a paper cutter, you can try scissors, but I am not very good with them.  Also, the local office supply store usually has a paper cutter. 

 Using a hole punch, pop a hole in the top center.  You can use any shape hole punch.  I've used a heart and a butterfly.  Get creative and cut the hole in the corner instead!

Lastly, tie your ribbons on the bookmark and you are finished!!

You can add other bits of confetti, tiny threads, photo's and other VERY flat items to your bookmarks.  If your flowers are too thick, use petals instead, such as rose petals.  You can also use this technique for place cards, place mats, ornaments etc.  I've used a long rectangle for my bookmarks, but why not a heart or other shape?  
Have fun!!!  You can do this!!!!

Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Elizabeth's Bridal Bouquet ~ Preserved~*

Elizabeth, from Texas, carried these beautiful
Red Gerbera Daisies, Red Anemone, 
White Carnation and Rununculous, and Green Queen Ann's Lace
in her wedding!
Credit: Sheri of Blumen Meisters Flower Shop ~ New Braunfels, TX


   Bridal Bouquet Preservation Art!

Pressed Flower Art Up Close

 "I just wanted to thank you again for my bouquet art! 
It is absolutely beautiful! 
I couldn't have imagined anything better!" ~ Elizabeth 

 All Pressed Flower Art by Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, Austin, Texas

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Bridal Bouquet Preservation of Roses and Hydrangea~

 Magi's Sweet Bridal Bouquet of 
Pink Roses, White Hydrangea and
White Wax Flower!  

Pressed Flower Art Mounted 
on a Black Background and 
Professionally Framed in a Black Frame

 Pressed Flower Art, Up Close!

Congratulations Magi and Jeff! 

Pressed Flower Preservation Art by Annie Fentz ~ Pressed Garden, LLC ~ Austin, TX 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Pressed Flower Art From Memorial Flowers ~*

Beautiful Red Roses, Lavender Larkspur, Daisies, Pink Rose Buds and Ivy  
Gathered from the Funeral of a Loved One and Preserved Forever

The choice of frame can change the look and feel of the art, 
as you can see here.  
I have several frames to choose from!

Each time I think I have decided which I like best, 
I change my mind! 

~ Close Up of the Pressed Flower Art ~

Preserved Memorial Flowers
An Heirloom That Can Be Handed Down for Generations!

Pressed Flower Preservation Art by: Annie Fentz, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX