Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Vera's Lush, Romantic Bridal Bouquet, Re-Created!

 Vera carried this sweet blush bouquet in her Tuscany wedding.
~Peonies, Astilbe, Roses, Carnations, Eucalyptus~

Because flowers cannot be brought into the U.S.
without going through customs first, Vera asked
if I could re-create her bouquet!

Together, we arrived at this design
with her flowers cascading around her 5-part wedding invitation.

She decided upon a 20x16" antique gold frame and
a "barely pink" background.

No words for how beautiful your creation is! We are so happy and have proudly displayed your work so we can enjoy it every day. Thank you again for all the work you put into making it, for being so flexible and for going above and beyond. We will treasure it always.
~Vera, Bride
The pleasure was all mine.  I loved working with you and stepping into a unique request.
Thank you for trusting me with such a fun project!
~Annie, Pressed Garden 

Friday, November 3, 2017

Alexandra's Sweet Bridal Bouquet ~

Total Sweetness ~ Alexandra's Bridal Bouquet of Peonies, Roses, 
Ranunculus, Bush Roses, Lisianthus, Veronica, Sage and Eucalyptus 

Bridal Bouquet Design by: Venn Floral, Sebastopol, CA

The brides wishes were to have space all around the bouquet. (I tend to cram as many flowers as possible into a frame!) So, we went with a 12x16" frame. The Succulent Boutonniere is in the corner! Plain white frame and Neutral Gray background.

Thank you for the pleasure of preserving your bouquet, Alexandra!
~Annie, Pressed Garden
Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith of Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX