Thursday, August 25, 2016

Camille's Romantic Vintage Bridal Bouquet ~*

Camille carried this lush, vintage bridal bouquet of Tulips,
Roses, Peonies, Statice, Mums, Hypericum Berries and Stock.

Floral Design by: Alyssa of Whim Florals at Camp Lucy

Camille chose to have her bouquet pressed and preserved 
by Pressed Garden, as a surprise for her husband!
Her flowers are mounted on a Rose background and in

an 11x14" Silver Oval Frame
Her lush velvet ribbon was included!

The little hearts were found inside the rose buds! 

 Teardrop Beveled Glass Ornaments were made from 
left over flowers from her bouquet!

Rose Petal Pendant made from one perfect rose petal!
As it turns out, Camille loved the art so much that she was unable to wait 
until Christmas to surprise her husband, but showed him right away! 

So I couldn't wait....My husband, Sean, and everyone I've showed the final product to, has been in awe of your work - including other professional artists in the Austin area...I just wanted to thank you again for taking so much care to create a work of art that will be in my home forever.  I truly appreciate that and can't wait to give the ornaments at Christmas.
~Camille, Bride

It has been such a pleasure working with you and creating all these keepsakes!  Thank you so much, Camille! ~ Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX


Friday, August 19, 2016

Kayla's Soft, Romantic Bridal Bouquet ~*

Kayla's Sweet, Romantic Bridal Bouquet of 
David Austin Roses, Stock, Succulents, Lavender and Wax Flowers
Floral Design by: Busy Lil Bee Floral, College Station
Kayla's flowers have been pressed, preserved and presented on a 
Bluff background and in an 11x14" Walnut frame!

Thank you, Kayla, for the pleasure of preserving your bridal bouquet! 
~Annie, Pressed Garden
 All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Monday, August 15, 2016

Ashley's Sweet All-White Bridal Bouquet ~

Ashley's All-White Bridal Bouquet of Peonies, Country Roses, Ranunculus, Dahlia, Hydrangea, Astilbe and Green Berzelia. 
 Floral Design by Luanna at The Plantation House, Pflugerville, TX

 Ashley chose to have her bridal bouquet pressed and preserved by Pressed Garden.  Her flowers are presented on a pink background, in an 11x14" gold frame.

 Every bouquet teaches me something! Berzelia was new to me. I'd never seen it before! They were pretty tough and I used concrete blocks to press these babies sorta flat! 
I love their "Polka dot" look!

Thank you, Ashley, for trusting me with your gorgeous bouquet! 
 ~Annie, Pressed Garden

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

In Loving Memory ~

Funeral Spray of Lilies, Roses, Iris, Hydrangea, Alstromeria
and many other flowers.

 16x20" Floral Preservation Art
Flowers are pressed and arranged around an 8x10"
photo of loved ones.  Background is "Barely Pink" and frame is Antique White.


A second 16x20" Pressed Flower Art Piece was presented
on a "Barely Blue" background and in a black frame

 Thank you, Victoria, Theresa and Kristi for trusting Pressed Garden
with such precious flowers. ~Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Deidre's "Loose-Style" Bouquet ~

Deidre carried this gorgeous "loose style" bridal bouquet of Roses, 
Hydrangea, Sweet William, Carnations, Baronia, Alstromeria, Stock,
 Hypericum Berries, Ranunculus and Jasmine Vine! 

Floral Design by Mary Jo at Virginia Floral Company, Virginia, MN

 Deidre's flowers were pressed and arranged on a Sky Blue background, 
in an 11x14" Silver Frame.

 If you look closely, you will see bits of lace, ribbon and a few rhinestones! 
The tiny hearts in the corner were found down inside the little rose buds!

We are in love with our art! You absolutely captured my bouquet in a timeless piece! We cannot thank you enough for your beautiful gift of preserving one of our memories!"

Thank you,
Deidre and Dan

Thank YOU, Deidre and Dan, for letting me play with your gorgeous flowers! 
 ~Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX