Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Elaine's Bridal Bouquet with Vows ~*

Sweet, Fragrant Bridal Bouquet of White Roses, Pink Bush Rose Buds, 
White Carnations and Baby's Breath

Floral Design by: Flourish Flowers & Gifts, Lewisville, TX

Elaine typed up her vows with an old computer on vellum.
Her flowers are arranged around the bows, with the grooms
boutonniere in the corner! 
The little hearts were found down inside the pink rose buds!

Close up of Grooms Bout!

Thank you, Elaine, for trusting Pressed Garden with your sweet bouquet!

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Debbie's Colorful Bridal Bouquet ~

Isn't this beautiful? Debbie's bridal bouquet of four types of Roses, including Garden Roses, Ranunculus, Stock, Hypericum Berries, Eucalyptus!

Floral Design by: ZuZu's Petals, Georgetown, TX

Debbie's flowers surround her wedding picture, all mounted 
on a Barely Pink background. 
The 11x14" mahogany frame sets it all off, beautifully!

"We received our beautiful picture yesterday
Oh my goodness, the floral design is beautiful , Annie! 
Thank you for the gorgeous pendant It's so very special to me. 
I appreciate all your perseverance throughout this process." 
~ Debbie, Bride

Debbie is referring to these pendants.  
These were "Thank You" Gifts that I made for all the customers 
who waited so long for our move from TX to FL and through the house-buying process.
Rose Petal Pendants!

 Debbie, It was my pleasure to preserve your lovely bouquet! My deeply felt thanks for your patience in waiting so many months for your art, as we were going through the moving process! Many blessings on your future! ~Annie, Pressed Garden

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Aimee's Lush, Romantic Bridal Bouquet ~*

Peonies, Roses, Hyacinth, Wax Flower, Ranunculus, Freesia, Eucalyptus, 
Dusty Miller, and Dendrobium Orchids fill this 
 Bridal Bouquet with softness and fragrance!

Aimee chose to have her bouquet pressed and presented on a neutral gray 
background and in an 11x14" walnut frame. 
The little bits of lace were cut from the lace that covered the stems of her bouquet, 
which originally came from the wedding dress of the Mother of the Bride! 
(I love that!!)

"Thank you so much! It's beautiful!" ~ Aimee, Bride

Thank you, Aimee! The pleasure was all mine!

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL 

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Hillari's Wintry, Christmassy Bridal Bouquet ~*

Hillari's Beautiful, Wintry, Christmassy Bridal Bouquet!
Ivory Roses, Hypericum Berries, Eucalyptus, Dusty Miller, Pine Cones
and Several Different Pines.
(No, the pine cones could not be pressed, but were returned
to Hillary, whole)

Floral Design by: Price Chopper, NY
The flowers were pressed and presented on a Neutral Gray
background and in an 11x14" black frame.
Omg I had no idea what to expect. And it is beautiful! 
I can’t wait to display it.... Thank you!
~ Hillari, Bride

Thank you, Hillari, and also Thank you, Elizabeth (Mother of the Bride)
for trusting me with these beautiful flowers!
But also, thank you for your patience as I relocated from TX to FL!
It truly was my pleasure to create art from your flowers!
~Annie, Pressed Garden 

All Floral Preservation Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Winter Haven, FL

Stephanie's Fresh and Silk Wedding Bouquet ~*

Stephanie, from New Jersey carried this gorgeous bouquet of Peonies, 
Roses, Dusty Miller, Dahlia and Silk Ranunculus! 

Floral Design by: Bill's Arrangement, Pequannock, NJ

The wedding flowers are arranged around 
Stephanie and Michael's wedding invitation. 
Everything is presented on a Dawn Gray background 
and in an 11x14" barnwood frame!

Wow!!!!! I am so impressed! it is absolutely beautiful!! Thank you so much!!!!!!!
~Stephanie, Bride
I am thrilled that you loved your art!  I was my pleasure
to preserve your beautiful bouquet! ~ Annie, Pressed Garden
All Floral Preservation Art by: Annie Smith, Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX