Thursday, January 22, 2015

Beautiful Bridal Bouquet of White Country Roses, Lizianthus, 
Succulents, Orange and White Rununculous, Pin Cushion Protea,
Hypericum Berries, Silver Brunia, Stock and Dusty Miller
Floral Design by: Magpie Blossoms of Lakeway, TX

Amber chose to have her bouquet pressed,
preserved and displayed on a light gray background, 
in an 11x14" white frame! 

A little closer look!

Thank you, Amber, for the pleasure of preserving your bouquet! 

All Pressed Flower Art Floral Preservation by: Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX

Monday, January 19, 2015

Stephanie's Bright, Cheery Bridal Bouquet ~*

Stephanie's bright, cheerful bridal bouquet of
Peachy Roses, Hot Pink Gerbera Daisies, Matsumoto Asters,
Stock, Yellow, Orange and Pink Rununculous 
and Scabiosa Pods!
 Floral Design by: Bloomtastic, Columbus, OH
Photograph: Kollmer Photography, Columbus, OH

  Stephanie chose a full frame style for her flowers. 
 They were mounted on a lapis blue background 
and then placed into an 11x14" black frame!

 Heart-Shaped Beveled Glass Ornaments
made from her bridal petals.

 Scrapbook Squares
2" little squares of pressed flowers from Stephanie's bridal bouquet.
These will embellish her photo album or scrapbook!

I 100% love what you did with my flowers from our wedding! 
I am so happy that I found you and gave you my flowers to preserve! 
I highly recommend you to anyone in the market!! 
Thank you again for your beautiful work!!! 
I just can't stop studying it! ~ Stephanie, Bride ~* 

Stephanie, the pleasure was all mine! ~ Annie
All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC, Austin, TX  

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Elizabeth's Sweet Purple Wildflower Bridal Bouquet

Elizabeth Carried This Lovely Wildflower Bouquet in Her Wedding
Anemone, Lizianthus, Veronica, Freesia,
Stock and Queen Ann's Lace
Floral Design by: Zu Zu's Petals, Austin, TX

  These sweet flowers were pressed, preserved,
mounted on a "Cool-White" background
and framed in an11x14" barnwood frame!

If you look closely, you will see bits of lace peeking
out around the edges.  This is the lace that
embellished the stems of the bouquet!

Thank you, Elizabeth, for trusting Pressed Garden 
to preserve your lovely bridal bouquet!  

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC ~ Austin, TX

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Heathers Soft Romantic Bridal Bouquet ~

Heather carried a beautiful romantic bouquet of 
Blush Pink Roses, White Garden and Spray Roses,
White Rununculous, Ivy and Seed Eucalyptus 
in her wedding. 

Bridal Bouquet Floral Design by Freytag's of Austin, TX
She chose to have her bouquet pressed and preserved 
on a black background and in an 11x14" black frame.

The tiny white hearts were petals found down inside the white spray roses!

 "It looks gorgeous. She is really going to love it.
Thanks!" ~ Mother of the Bride

Thank YOU for trusting Pressed Garden with your gorgeous bridal bouquet! 

All Pressed Flower Art by: Annie Fentz Smith ~ Pressed Garden, LLC ~ Austin, TX