Sunday, October 4, 2020

Time for a Change!

Pressed Flowers made from a Bridal Bouquet
I have always used the Pressed Garden Blog to showcase
my Floral Preservation Art.
In the days when I had no technical skill to post new pics
on my website, this blog was used as an on-going gallery.
Pressed Wedding Bouquet

 My new-ish website has a Gallery that I can easily
upload new pics, so my Blog is no longer needed
for this purpose.

So, it is time for a change! I've always loved writing,
although I have gotten very VERY rusty!
I am changing the direction of the blog by writing
articles that interest, educate, inform and inspire!

Pressed Flower Art made from a bridal bouquet
My target audience will be floral preservation artists, 
pressed flower enthusiasts,
DIY'ers, as well as brides and others that
are interested in having their own flowers
professionally preserved!

So, check back in to see how my blog evolves and never
hesitate to ask questions or make suggestions
on what you would like for me to write about!   

Annie Smith Pressed Flower Artist with Pressed Garden

Thank you! It is always a pleasure to
preserve your flowers!
~Annie, Pressed Garden

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